Saturday, 14 March 2009

What I've been doing.

I meet the Deputy Education Minister, Dr Yusuf Ibrahim, and we arrange a programme to collect School Art.

I meet the person responsible for Art in Schools, and we agree a programme to produce something for exhibition in Brussels and eventually the UK. On the right another random delegation from Northampton working in schools
Some bombed houses

Jica Japanese Aid NGO distributes non-food aid: a school satchel with crayons and a pair of shoes of random size, cleaning materials, cooking pots, kerosene lamp, brooms etc.

To qualify for this aid handout, people must have lost a family member or had their home demolished, and these 260 in Beit Hanoun are the 'lucky' qualifiers.


Frances Laing said...

This is lovely. If Gazans felt moved to exchange school or nursery art, my daughter and I would send some paintings. Thinking of you all. I am very happy to say your blog is receiving very many visitors, considering it is quite a new blog. Safe journeys. Frances.

Rod Cox said...

the Ministry of Education is hungry for meaningful links, but I think that they cannot handle anything at an individual level. Schools or other institutions are wanted!!

Frances Laing said...

Yes, you know me, a practical person. Whole schools is what I was thinking in fact. As you know though, you have to negotiate with ARTISTS and THEIR TEACHERS, don't you?

I'm just off to the STWC meeting in Liverpool this evening. So I'll speak to the crowd there about it. In the absence of any other contact with you, I'll assume that's alright?

Rod Cox said...

That'll be great, and I'm meeting the Ministry team again on Wednesday, so I can forward connections directly