Tuesday, 10 March 2009


My first night in Gaza and I keep waking up thinking of Arif & Asim who were prevented from entering by Egypt. We should have stayed with them but believed Egyptian officials who said that they would be allowed in later. They were seperated because they had not entered Egypt with the convoy but flew in to Cairo. Several so called 'celebrities' had done the same, some being with Galloway the first to go through the gates betraying those who had driven 6000 miles & were still denied top billing.

Arif & Asim's names were given to convoy officials in accordance with the rules but these officials now wash their hands of the matter and will not assist them.

Our reception by the Palestinians has been overwhelming, the vehicles being mobbed by ecstatic people all the way from Rafah to Gaza City, but it sticks in my throat, this adulation wasted on those who don't deserve it while Arif & Asim face an uncertain future.

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