Monday, 9 March 2009

Waiting & Politics

The convoy did not pass through at noon yesterday as planned. Here are Rod's texts (British time):

Sunday 12.34pm
A problem is developing here. Riot police deployed to stop convoy leaving as a single unit. Libyan secret police & trucks involved. New negotiations mean that vehicles which are not staying in Gaza will not be allowed to enter and that would mean I cannot load up in Gaza.

Sunday 7.23pm
George Galloway announced after negotiations with the Governor of Sinai that medical aid and all UK vehicles which are staying in Gaza will enter through Rafah. All Libyan aid and all our non-medical aid will go by Israeli-controlled crossings but in the hands of the Red Crescent. This is (almost) in accordance with international agreements & was the position when we left the UK. We have not forced any changes on Israel. Our aid will be transhipped to Red Crescent trucks tonight & we leave for the border at 6am tomorrow. However the convoy is adamant that they will enter together and not through any Israeli-controlled crossing.

Monday 4.50am
Our aid unloaded to Red Crescent last night but 50% still waiting to unload. Police asking us to start engines but convoy refusing to move until all can travel.

Monday 6.58am
1st section of convoy now moving in groups of 20, but will wait to consolidate at fuel stop ahead. I think it will be slow.

Monday 7.39am
1st (our) section of convoy now 30kms from Rafah moving at 35kph, with refuelling stop ahead. Tail end still not authorised to start.

Pauline Thompson

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Taki said...

Hey Rod this is Ric from Melbourne, Australia,we here at htt:// have been following your progress and are quite excited by the fact that you will all be in Gaza soon. One of our friends Kamahl Mashni is in the convoy, say hello from us.