Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Health in the Palestinian Territories

Hope you won't mind my posting this important link Rod.
We're all thinking of you there and are very proud.

Woman's Hour today features an item on health in decline in the Palestinian territories with Dr. Rita Giacaman Professor of Public Health at Birzeit University. The item stays in the Woman's Hour archive for several months and readers can access it online. Look for the 'Listen Again' section on the website.

'A two year international investigation published in the Lancet shows that the effect of the occupation, the recent conflicts in Gaza and inter-Palestinian fighting are undermining the health and development of the population. In particular it shows an increase in infant mortality, failure of children under five to grow, the difficulties faced by women in labour trying to get to maternity units and that health gains in the 1990's are being eroded'.

Post by Frances Laing

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