Saturday, 7 April 2018

In 2010, how was Gaza then?

In 2018 The world for Palestinians gets worse, daily, with 773 shot in Gaza through the fence, a new record of psychotic racist massacre, even for the Israelis. - but it was never good, not since 1917.

In Twenty Ten, How was Gaza then?

At Israel was fired in Twenty Ten
Four hundred** Missiles by Gaza men.
Across the wall, No Jews were killed at all
But 8 felt shock, when in July
A rocket landed quite close by**

5 children and 70 women and men,
Were killed in Gaza by Israel then;
Their vacant space implores we take their place
It's time to count the missiles there*
Caress the dead, lay siege to fear

Bloody stolen land of lies, Zion hates not guns, but sighs
It dreads the weeping in the wide world's eyes.

*(5 Children in a total of 72 deaths. Additionally, 500 were injured, and 'at least' 700 Gazans are in Israeli prisons, out of a total of 6500 Israeli imprisoned Palestinians - PCHR/B'Tselem), but there is no record of the number of bombs, rockets and shells fired into gaza by Israel, though it must be at least ten times more than the Palestinians fire. 

** (365 total consisting of 215 mortars & 150 rockets; 1 Filipino farm worker was killed elsewhere, otherwise the 8 shocked Israelis were the only missile 'casualties' - Shin Bet&Israel Army) In addition in 2010, Israel killed and injured others in the West Bank, invaded a civilian boat on the high seas outside Israel territorial waters and killed 8; attacked Gaza fishing boats and impounded an unknown number. In 2010. In the same period, no Palestine forces invaded any part of Israel, or attacked any ships on the high seas, or attacked and confiscated any Israeli boats. Palestinians did kill 3 Israelis in the West Bank. Israelis - including settlers - killed 10 Palestinians there. in 2010.