Friday, 20 March 2009


Messages have also gone out in solidarity across the globe from supporters to Viva Palestina, Christine Russell M.P (with a request for immediate action before 11.a.m.), the Green Party European Office (who are currently in conference)

The understanding is that Rafah is NOT an Israeli controlled crossing.

Post by Frances Laing


Viva Palestina said...

Just got through on the number given. I was given another number which is supposed to be the press office. Apparently they are supposed to know what is going on.

The number is 02074092236

After it was engaged I got through to a polite gentleman. He advised that a Journalist also phoned today about Rod and the Van.

I told him that is was a plea for the Egyptian government to allow Rod and his Van through.

I will try and post on other websites and forums.

If rod is unsuccessful in getting the van and art out today please ask him to keep the van and art with someone in Gaza. I am confident that we can shame the Mubarak regime into opening the crossing!

If Rod is unable to show the paintings in Brussels then we will make the journey of the painitngs a story in it self.

Please contact Press TV, Aljazeera,Viva Palestina, Indymedia etc.

rudey said...

rod i will try and alert keiran and viva and see if some weight can be added to your mission, as you know george is in th u.s.a
will try and see if can help you get through
take care
lil bear