Monday, 16 March 2009

Some Art

A Headmistress, left, her Artist Husband who teaches in an UNWRA school, centre, their children and me being presented with an embroidery, and about a hundred school pictures. Behind us are two of Ahmed's works, a giant wooden key, and a rose breaking through paving stones.

The Ministry of Education.
An UNWRA refugee primary School. UNWRA schools are still largely used by Refugees, while the indigenous population go to state schools, purely for historic reasons, I'm told. The minibus is a school bus, one of many at this home time.

Some Questions at this State Girls School
The Girls get down to serious painting

I photographed every girl and her painting, but I used the wrong setting on the camera, and they are all blurred. But I find this image really moving, so I better describe it. In the middle are many babies wrapped in swaddling clothes made from Palestinian flags. They lie on a blanket of Blood, and a phosphorous bomb explodes over them. The ironic comment, in Arabic, English and French is " Has he got a weapon?"
All the other girls smiled, too.


Baron said...

Rufus directed me to this blog. I wouldnt normally read a blog to be honest, but I must admit, the content and verse kept me interested.
Its fustrating when images come out blurred, and I hope you dont mind but I attempted to sharpen up the image of the girl and her painting. you can get a copy from:

Had the original been larger, then I think a better result could have been achieved.

Frances Laing said...

Yesterday and today, have spoken to a teacher here who is speaking to some headmasters and mistresses about exchanging pictures. We're working on it. You may find yourself touring round some schools here to speak to them about it when you get back! In solidarity. F.

Frances Laing said...

We have found a school in Guilden Sutton who would like to exchange pictures with Gazan school children. The children in this school are infant and junior school age.

They are asking about materials they could use and suggest felt, crayons perhaps, something easily transportable, or is it possible that they be delivered to Gaza? It sounds like the school would like a visit from you Rod when you get back to talk to them about it, with a few pictures perhaps, so we are hoping that you will be able to plan this into your busy schedule when you get back.

The children here would perhaps choose a 'Spring' theme.

They would like to make a start on the pictures after the Easter break, I have explained to our contact with the headmistress that you won't be back for a while as you are in Brussels and such.

The children are of infant and junior school age.

Rod Cox said...

Hi 'Baron', thanks. But what verse?
Frances, I'm ready to do any number of talks to schools when I get back, subject to my business partner still finding that I don't do any work anyway and won't be missed. There is no post to Gaza, although DHL will deliver, so this needs to be borne in mind with pictures. Maybe scanning images in a computer and emailing might begin the process, although physical exchange is better and problems are made to be overcome. Text me tomorrow with details of the kind of school (Boys or Girls, large or small - large it is then- up to grade 7?)Text me because I'm not going to read emails again before meeting the Ministry people for what i hope is the last time, because I hope I can get out and come home!