Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Street Scene
The Ladies who Like Ice Cream and Milk Shake
Part of the Palestinian Parliament
Gaza is a Seaside Town
Double Decker Cots and Dummies
The Square of the Unknown Soldier. The Columns in the Distance are the remains of a bombed building.

The PLO Flag Shop, does what it says on the label
Ever wondered what the driving schools use in Gaza?
Temporary Mosque, erected by private donation, replacing bombed Mosque on same site. Shoes off at the door

Extravagant Buildings near the sea-front

Football in the Street
Norway - Palestine Friendship park
Petrol is not always available
We Wuz Poor, but We Wuz Happy!
Backgammon: The man looking at the camera said "You like Gaza now, but you'll say the same old things when you get home"

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