Monday, 30 March 2009

International Movement to Open the Rafah Border

Hello Rod, hello all,
just received the following message from the International Movement to Open the Rafah border so have posted it straight here as may be of interest to readers. Regards, Frances Laing. Copy follows:

Peace Thank you for your support,

This is just to let you know that Global Help Initiative for Palestine HI Chairman Hamza El Tawil will be appearing on PressTVs Remember the children of Palestine, Tuesday March 31st at 7pm - 8pm ( UK TIME) GMT +1 Satellite Sky 515 or online

He will mention briefly about the call originating via Hashim and the movements aims.For those who do not know the show is presented by Lauren Booth and looks at :-* The Children’s humanitarian issues. Their Hope. Future and the Sadness the Palestinian Children suffer all year round* Activities people all round the world are doing to help the Palestinians & Children of Palestine i.e. Someone is making music, another person in France may be making cakes and selling them to raise money for medical supplies, etc * Bringing people together from all parts of the world interactively to highlight the plight of the Palestinians. * Interactive show with live cams, emails and txts as the viewers input is vital, both for the people in Gaza and for us to learn how to help each other improve the lives of those in Palestine.

Hamza also hopes to cover an update on some of the Children in the Cancer ward whom HI supported via their ''Smile of Hope'' Project which started prior to the war and hopes also to talk about one family in particular and the devastating effects of the war upon their family, their grief and hardships it has thrust upon them.

International Movement to Open Rafah Border now has a facebook group for those who facebook Join us.

Hope that you are all well.
Peace and solidarity

Copy Ends,

Post by Frances Laing

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