Monday, 30 March 2009

Awni Al Hepteni School, North Gaza.

I have been awake for almost 36 hours to make this short film (click on the link). I think you should look at it, and I think that the EU when it considers the EU-Israel Preferential Trade agreement tomorrow, it should look at it, too. Here's the link in full:

Front Row: Assistant Head Maajed, Head teacher Mr Hosein Al Eyaa.
Second Row: The School's Socio-Psychological Support Team
Back Row: Rod Cox
This school would like a link with a British School, and identifies its weakness as in Extra Curricular activities such as Drama, Sport, Dancing. Their goalposts were hit by a rocket because they are made of steel tubing and look like rocket launchers to the Israelis. They have a pupil:Teacher Ratio of about 50:1, and operate in two shifts. The Girls in the Morning and the Boys in the Afternoon about 7-1100, 1100-1500. Every Pupil receives one hour of Socio-Psychological input every day. There is no budget for that, or for water, or to repair the damaged drainage system.
Maajed speaks good English and can be contacted on
Awni Al Hepteni School, North Gaza.

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