Monday, 23 February 2009

Things don't always work out!!

They made us feel like Heroes
Welcome to Algeria

An Algerian Motorway

The Fez:Police and Security in Fez
Gas Wells in Algeria

Before dinner speeches in the wedding hall in Oudja

What was the the Trunk Road from Morocco to Algeria and the rest of North Africa.

Group 11 in Fez. Back row from left Brighton, Gloucester, Blackburn, Oxford, more Gloucesters with Munir at back. Group Leader at front right, rest assorted from previous list .

It's not a coincidence that signalling 11 involves 2 fingers.

I couldn't photgraph the cheering crowds at night, but these boys were photographed while the police were 'keeping the crowds away' in a gas station with illumination from a Pea headlight

The Road up the Atlas in Morocco

Three Shepherds with the convoy and gas Wells behind - Algeria

I haven't been able to get into somewhere with the internet for days. Today I put up a blog, but I was uploading lots of pictures. I've been here for 4 hours, and the electricity has just failed. This is Algeria. I have lost every picture - I mean that I still have them on my hard drive, but not uploaded. I've lost the youtube video too. I will never complain about upload speeds again, after the snail's pace here. So here are some random pictures for you to play with.

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