Monday, 23 February 2009

Benefit, blog bells and whistles - and missiles

A short note with solidarity from musicians, audience and your good people at Alexanders benefit last night. Greetings to Team 11 and the rest. We made sure the crowd knew about your blog Rod, - comments are coming in now - there's one underneath your last post.

Popped an email about this blog to the 'Gorgeous George' press office. (You might get more food rations...)

There's been some strong letters in the local papers in support of you all. Some against. Some saying an arms trade ban with Israel is 'the least' we should be asking for.

The Guardian is running a story about Amnesty International's demand to stop military aid to Israel from the U.S. Missile shells traced back to Raytheon.

There's a history of protest around here at the Raytheon plant. We have a contact to the Raytheon 9 so that might be a good focus for a public meeting or future benefit in Chester. When you've got a minute, (which we know you haven't) - let us know what the feeling is from there on this one. Take care you all.

This post by Frances Laing - writing from the U.K.

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