Sunday, 15 February 2009

Palestinian News Network

News about Gaza is difficult to come by these days, as we know.

Rod and the rest of the convoy have now left Chester. They have their work cut out trying to get the supplies to their destination right now. Rod told me an international mobile phone is hugely expensive. I don't know how feasible it will be for him to stop in an Internet cafe and post so I've taken the liberty of posting info and a link now and then on Rod's behalf.

Check out the Palestinian News Network . They are

'a group of independent Palestinian journalists and editors who work on a strictly professional level without favoring one political party over another or any religion over another'.

They say:

'We report from a Palestinian perspective as we see that the media is rife with Israeli sources. We strive to empower the Palestinian people and their cause, particularly that of nonviolent resistance to occupation. We began in 2002 and have radio, television, and several languages to choose from on our website. PNN has won the confidence of the people in addition to local and international press agencies by providing quick, accurate, credible and objective news'.

It should be of interest to anyone who wishes to stay informed from a range of news sources.

Post by Frances Laing (in Rod's absence.)

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