Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Here is a transcript of a text received from Rod in Cairo. Please protest strongly to the Egyptian embassy & your MP .

4 buses of Palestinians left Rafah last night at 4am including 3 British citizens. We have been closely escorted by police to Cairo airport & our passports retained. We have not been allowed to buy airline tickets and have been taken to an underground storeroom where more than 150 people, including women & children are held in rooms about 300sq m. There is only one set of toilets between sexes and there are no windows. I havebeen told not to take photos. The reason that I am here is because of George Galloway's agreement with Egypt. There is no doubt that this room is below Red Cross standards for detention, but no-one here is a prisoner, they are simply transit passengers.


rudey said...

egyptians are like the israeli's in disguise !!!!!!
i have tried to contact my mp who said it was out of his area, i also tried your local mp rod in chester she NEVER gave me a reply
i hope you are released soon from detention !!!
lil bear

wahat_alshohada said...

When I red the title I thought that Rod was really detained by the police but I'm afraid that this is the way "Palestinians" are treated “all the time”. It doesn't matter if you're a woman, a child or a university professor, they all go to the underground inhumane transit detention room waiting for their flight or transportation! We've written so many times and criticized the Palestinian authority and embassy in Egypt for allowing such disgrace. What can we do? Please, help us raise this shameful issue.
Iman Badawi, an Egyptian activist.