Saturday, 11 April 2009

Action to open the Rafah border - International Movement to open the Rafah border

Dear friends,

Since we have launched our call “International Movement to Open the Rafah Border”, we have been contacted by many organisations and citizens from all over the world who gave us information about their planned actions for Gaza.

We need you at the Rafah crossing in order to help them to bring their humanitarian aid into Gaza and ask the “PERMANENT OPENING OF THE RAFAH CROSSING!”

Since 4 years, people in Gaza are living under horrific conditions: there is no work, no money, no food, no enough medicine, no construction material, and so on.

At the Rafah Crossing, the situation is really bad! Many humanitarian aid convoys are actually stuck at the Rafah crossing and tons of foodstuffs and help are rotting in Al Arish because Egyptian authorities are refusing to let them get into Gaza. GAZANS NEED URGENTLY YOUR HELP!
(see video about an italian group stuck at the Rafah crossing/Al Arish :

Below, a list of the planned actions:

1) May 3rd: A Convoy for Gaza

The European Campaign to End the Siege of Gaza intends to send a big convoy of more than 100 trucks. They will deliver wheelchairs, medicine, medical instruments and toys for the people of Gaza. The trucks will come from Great Britain, France, Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria and Norway. They will leave Milano, Italy, on May 3rd and will sail from Genoa towards Alexandria in Egypt. Then the convoy which will reach Alexandria on May 6th, will go directly to the Rafah border and then into Gaza.

2) 22 Days to Lift the Siege of Gaza: May 22-June 14, 2009

From May 22-June 14, many organizations like CODE PINK & Free Gaza Movement, will amass delegations at the Rafah border in Egypt and the Erez crossing in Israel. Gaza will be enveloped with solidarity in order to LIFT THE SIEGE. 35 Palestinian and Lebanese organizations will send also boats to Gaza.

3) July 4th: Convoy Viva Palestina US

George Galloway MP and the Vietnam veteran and peace campaigner Ron Kovic will launch a convoy from the United States and will bring $10 million in aid and 500 vehicles to Gaza.
The activists will land in Cairo where they will buy the humanitarian aid. The convoy will be formed there and will make its way to the Rafah crossing and into Gaza

All these organizations will need our help and, we, citizens of the world must be at the Rafah crossing, to show to our governments that we condemns this harsh and illegal siege and we will not stay silent in front of the desperate urgency and unacceptable conditions the civilian population of Gaza is facing.


For a better coordination, thanks to send your answers to the questions below at :

. Do you intend to come and participate in our sit-in at the Rafah crossing? Alone or with a group? When and how long do you plan to stay? We will give all the information you need ((internal transport, hotel, visas, expenses, ect..)

. Do you intend to organize a convoy or an action for Gaza? Let us know! We will try to help you!

. Do you want to help in coordinating this action in your country or your area?


Posted by Frances Laing.

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