Friday, 27 March 2009

Pictures from Beit Hanoun

There is a very clever young man in the project in Beit Hanoun who draws political cartoons, and this is one of them. The hanged man has Gaza written on his sleeve, while the two hands reaching out have if memory serves me right, US and UN written on them. I asked the young man whether he really felt that the US was trying to reach out to Gaza, and he was horrified. No, he said, these hands are applauding the death of Gaza. Oh yes, I said, I see that now.
A Bulldozer and a tank menace a Mosque. These Bulldozers are Caterpillars made in the UK.
Another Bulldozer in the company of tanks, and indeed leading the tank going across country.
Another Tank, and a weeping Tree. I have personal testimony that trees were demolished by Bulldozers even outside of the line of advance. But, in any case, they should not be used in the front line, since they are sold to Israel with UK licences that specify they must not be used for external aggression or internal oppression. Lord Malloch Brown confirmed this in Parliament on Wednesday 25th March. It is an EU wide stipulation, and part of the agreement with Israel that earns it special treatment by the EU. Israel has clearly broken this agreement.
A new crime, and something I have personally witnessed many times in the West Bank. A Blindfolded Prisoner on their knees. Often they are left in this position, in the sun, for hours, and then simply released because they haven't actually done anything wrong. There is something deeply sick and racist about the Israeli Occupation Forces.
The Dove of Peace rows across the dry sands of disinterest. In case there are any clever dicks out there, the disinterest is from Israel. If we want to extend metaphors, and I don't expect the artist necessarily meant to, then the cactus, for Palestinians, is the sign of perseverance on the land, the badge of patience , while the Palestinian lands over which the dove so valiantly rows are only desert because Israel has stolen all the water

Beit Hanoun is in the North of Gaza, as Close to the Fence with Israel as can be, although a few isolated farm workers live even closer. Extensively destroyed during the war, I have posted an image of the mosque that was hit in two separate F16 strikes. No wonder the children feel small in a giant world of killing machines.

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